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MBO's & BP with your Guardian Angels & Angelic Helpers, Post 1

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

I've been reading a book by Tom T. Moore called The Gentle Way A Self-Help guide for those who believe in angels. Tom's book is about requesting Most Benevolent Outcomes and because it was life changing for me and so miraculous I had to share.

It all began when I caught Debbie's Freebird Spirit YouTube channel show where she had Tom on as a guest. Debbie did a great interview of Tom and I was so inspired I bought three of his books on Amazon. I highly recommend Tom’s books as well as Freebird Spirit YouTube channel, her website is FREEBIRD SPIRIT - Home

Tom said he’d tried manifesting though the Law of Attraction but it just wasn’t working well enough for him. He had a teacher whom used angelic references which inspired Tom to come up with Most Benevolent Outcomes (MBO) request which your Guardian Angel will act upon. An MBO is said for you because it’s a request of your own Guardian Angel.

This is what I say out loud, "I request a Most Benevolent Outcome to find the best free platform for the success of my online business, Dragonfly Crystals, thank you". It must be said out loud,

Yes, it’s simple and yet extremely effective. Within a day of saying this MBO out loud I found myself on online reading a PC Magazine article about the best web hosting platforms and Wix was it’s top pick. I immediately began my free website and one day later Wix sent me an email offer for 50% off on a premium business plan which ended up being $16 per month, paid in advance for 1 year. This was astounding! I was impressed that my MBO worked so fast and that within 2 days the Dragonfly Crystals store was open.

I initially started with a small MBO for my trip to Starbucks, I said out loud “I request a Most Benevolent Outcome for my trip to Starbucks and my return trip, thank you.” Yep, it was amazing what happened. I drove to Starbucks and hit all green lights. I pull into the busy parking lot and a front spot opened up for me to park. It was really busy inside Starbucks and I was behind four people waiting to pick up their mobile orders. It was no more than 30 seconds before a Starbucks employee called my name and handed me my order over the crowd of people. Just wow! This was amazing because, full disclosure, sometimes when I’ve been the only person at pickup the barista can get really focused making drinks and doesn’t look up to see me until 5 minutes go by. No, I don’t interrupt because you can tell they're concentrating. To be handed my order over all those people is super amazing. Thank you guardian angels! When I got home I immediately ordered Tom’s books! I've been MBOing every day with amazing results. Try it!

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Kathi, thank you so much for the kind comments and reading this blog!❤️


Kathi S
Kathi S
Jun 24, 2022

Wow! Trying it now. MBO for Great Success for your new business!

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