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 Review:  I took Vals, Akashic record class, it was awesome, Val is very informative and relaxing and makes you feel instantly at home, she is also supper supportive and gives you the confidence you need to trust yourself and is there afterwords too, she does not just have the class and your on your own, she is so supportive as you follow your journey it's amazing, she really sets you up for success. What ever you decide to do after the class with your skill, what you will gain personally alone is more than worth it. What I got out of the class was so life changing for me, I can't even describe it, other than to say this was one of those very few decisions in life that was 100% right and absolutely no regrets and wouldn't change it for anything. Would recommend: Yes

Cheri Zikeli


Review: Val your Akashic Reading class made my day, firstly I never know if I can tune in but in the class breakout room it seems to happen so easily...the practice is so valuable and a great way show to accessing the Akashics and connecting to and learning about other @dragonflycrystals members in one on one's is amazing. There is an energy supporting everyone during this lovely class so never any need to fear or doubt abouts one's abilities. Plus we got to spend time with you YAY !!!

Would recommend: Yes

Patricia HeaslipArt "Trish"


 Review:  I took Val’s Akashic record class and it was really great. I could access the records right away and Val’s teaching really helped me gain confidence in the messages I received. The cost was only $29 and was so worth it. We also are doing post class practice sessions. Highly recommend!!

Judy Sweetland


Review: Fabulous class on reading our Akashic Records! Val made learning so easy and everyone really had fun! Newbies and seasoned readers were equal in this class. The vibration of the group was off the chart! Everyone left very, very happy!!! I highly recommend any class Val offers! I’ll be taking every single one -)

Jennie Culkin "Starfish"


Review: I was privileged to take the Akashic Record Reading class from Val and was amazed at the whole process. Val’s class was unexpectedly wonderful. I thought the class was going to be a little hard maybe even complicated ( the learning how to connect that is). Val made the class so engaging that the information she shared and the understanding of that information was instant. The class was upbeat and fun. There was also time included into the class for us to go into breakout rooms in groups and practice on each other. I highly recommend this class. I will be taking more of her classes.

Carol Butts



"It was a wonderful experience!  I feel so blessed to have been able to be part of this." CB

"The Divine Complement Class was excellent." LS

"Another Fabulous Class." TS

"Thank you Val and Gerald:  Wonderful!" MB

"Thank you Val and Gerald, life changing." SF

"Thank you both this was really wonderful." CZ

"Thank you Gerald and Val for this wonderful healing and meditations.  It was inspiring and so divine."JS

"Inspiration, this was fabulous, thank you both so much.  I hope you do this course again." LG

"It was a beautiful experience, thank you Val and Gerald."VH


FOR CLASSES:  Selecting "BOOK NOW," then click "CHECK NEXT AVAILABILITY,"  to display the class date and check out.

Colleen Pearl Trusler, customer and #1 Fan of Val

My Akashic Records Reading with Val was so much more than I thought it would be.  She gave me a 360° look at my life today.  She covered my 3-D mundane, earthly existence including my past relationships and job, as well as my spiritual journey, where I am today, and where I am going.  I didn’t expect healings, but she gave me several healings for blocks and issues surrounding a bunch of things that I really had just come to accept as the way I feel.  After the healings, I felt so much lighter, more energetic but also just more peaceful and happier.  The healings were excellent and so powerful (and not complicated, all I did was relax and close my eyes).  I let go of so much confusion and doubt that it allowed my natural instincts to come back in as my true thoughts and feelings about myself.  I just didn’t realize that this film of self-doubt was preventing my days from being as bright as they could be and now, are.  I would highly recommend Val’s Akashic Records Reading for everyone who feels they need a little tune up, a little nudge in the right direction.  She is very positive and loving in her delivery and the Akashic Master’s are so supportive.  As a team they provide some excellent counsel and a very uplifting experience.  
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