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Using your Pendulum

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Pendulum's are Special Tools

I didn't know it was this easy to use!

Your pendulum is a communication tool that connects you to your guides and angels creating a channel for them to give you answers.

Always, protect, align and ground by surrounding yourself with white light and visualize it coming down through your crown chakra and out your feet into the center of Mother Earth. Next, bring Mother Earth's green energy up into your body. I always ask Archangel Michael to protect me.

Ask your Primary Guides and Angels to assist with the answers.

Tune the pendulum while holding it by asking "show me a yes" and wait for it to respond. Then ask it to return to neutral position. Next "show me a no" and wait for it to respond.

Remember to remain neutral when you ask questions you may have a strong opinion about because your subconscious thoughts will be picked up by the pendulum and the answers will be in agreement with your subconscious and not the actual energy surrounding the question.

Now You're Ready to Begin asking Questions

You might begin with some test questions like "do I live in xyz city" and if it answer correctly you are ready to go.

Ask questions that are specific like "I lost my keys which room did I leave them in"

Was it the Living Room? (wait for it's answer), if no, proceed to the next room, etc.

You don't have to ask the pendulum to go to neutral position between questions.

If you use your pendulum enough you'll be able to fine turn it even more.

To clear your pendulum you can run it over a candle flame. It can be done periodically.

It's that simple!

Let me know what you've learned from your pendulum. Leave a comment. Here is a link to pendulums on Dragonfly Crystals.Store.


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