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Thinking About a Channeled Angel Painting

Learn About Getting to Know Your Angels and Calling on them for Assistance

Your Guardian Angels have been with you since birth. They are the Angels who keep you on the planet until your official exit point. They save you from disasters such as car accidents. They may be the ones who show up looking like a medical professional saving you in the chaos but later no one can find them and no one knows who they are.

You may recall many times in your life where you were in dire circumstances and your Guardian Angels stepped in to protect you and you were saved. They also work through other people to assist you.

Also, your Guardian Angels want to help you and are just waiting for you to ask them to assist. No matter how small the ask is, go ahead and request them to assist you and always say thank you at the end of the request. See my blog post on MBOs.

I just recently began to paint Angels after being shown my hubby's three Guardian Angels. So I began with 12 x 16 inch watercolor paper and I painted his Guardian Angel show on Dragonfly Crystals website. John said the Angel was a she and I said I would ask the Angel's name and I heard Sarafon. So I did an internet search for Sarafon and found Archangel Serafin. One of the lessor known Archangels but one of the highest ranking Archangels. She assists one to see the larger picture and can aid one it gaining a new skill, and gives guidance if one is learning a new spiritual skill. So if you are weighed down by too much detail, call on Archangel Serafin and she will give you assistance. Archangel Serafin radiates loving and warm energy and is always happy to assist those who ask for it. Reach out to her during meditation or prayer to make contact. The information on Archangel Serafin is from

I checked in with Archangel Serafin and she says she is indeed John's Guardian Angel. After leaning this, I once again did an internet search "do Archangels ever work as someone's Guardian Angel?" I found that several authors on the topic say that Archangels do indeed work as Guardian Angels for some people but they do not take the place of the other two Guardian Angels that we all have, but rather they work with them.

Archangel are working in many places at once and with many people, dimensions, in all space and time. They are celestial beings and are not limited by the 3d world. I hope you enjoyed this information on Archangel Serafin and remember to call on your Guardian Angels when assistance is needed no matter how small the task.


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