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Light Workers, here is a powerful thing to do each morning

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

The Awakening Visualization

Set Your Energy for the Day

Say and visualize, “I surround myself with the pure white light of Divine Source” and see it surrounding your energy field.

Bring the white light down through the top of your head (crown chakra) down through your body and out your feet into Mother Earth’s center. Bring the green energy of Mother Earth up through your feet into your body and out the top of your head like a fountain.

Ask the Angels to help

I ask Archangel Michael to protect me.

I ask Archangel Raphael to heal me and those in the world that need healing.

I ask Archangel Gabriel to assist me in communicating clearly with my primary Guides and Angels in real time so that I can understand them easily and respond back easily.

Sending Awakening Light to the World

Say visualize “I am the pure white light of Divine Source and the Flame of Divine Source burns brightly within me and is in every cell of my body” (visualize a big candle flame). See this Flame in your body and see go out into your energy field (auric field).

Next, visualize and say “The Flame of Divine Source within me is growing brighter and brighter" and visualize this Flame like an ignition flame going out from you to every person in your community and then out to the world (and within seconds, it’s around the world like a flash point.

When I see that Flash Point, where everyone’s internal Divine Source Flame ignites outwardly together like a big boom. I see it ignite the world and go out to all dimensions, space and time and then I say “Zero Point, as above so below, thy will be done (through me) on earth as in heaven, and it is so”.

I always feel chills when I do this visualization because it’s so powerful. I can feel the responding energy return back to me and, also, how happy my guides and angels are afterwards. This morning I was impressed with the thought that I needed to share this with everyone.

Zero Point Consciousness: Consciousness begins to become Aware of itself more deeply. It becomes aware of its unlimited nature and its ever-flowing oneness with All. Some have also labeled this the Absolute. Others have called it Quantum, the United Field or God. I prefer the term Zero Point, since to me, zero describes it best. Everything melts and dissolves into zero. (Excerpt from

Zero-point theory: Zero-point energy is a natural consequence of quantum mechanics. Take a little mass on a spring. Its potential energy is lowest when the spring is exactly unstretched. But that means that the mass is at a particular place, and the uncertainty principle would then require that is momentum have an infinite spread, giving it infinite kinetic energy. (Excerpt from

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