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55 Day Practice

If you have had trouble letting of grief and feel stuck in this energy over a long period of time, this Buddhist practice is amazingly powerful and miracles happen.

Set up an alter/table near a window with Brown Rice, Fresh Spring Water, a Crystal and (a picture of the person involved).

You can added something gifted to you by the person involved.

At dawn each morning:

Ask this individual to meet you here each day

Prayer/Affirmation: Say outload "My Greatest Wish is for You to be Free"

Now take a breath and say these three things:

1. Thank you (you can cry or say whatever comes to you.)

2. I'm OK (again, it's ok if you cry and feel like "I'm not ok" just go with it.)

3. You can go now. (You can react with emotion or say whatever you need to say)

Please note none of this means you are telling you're loved one to leave and not come by and watch over you, it is just for you to let go of holding on to them on the Earth.

This takes 55 days (every day) but it actually works after about 30 or so times. It is an amazingly powerful practice.

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