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Intuitive Tarot Card Readings

Tarot does not predict the future but instead it shows us the possible energies we are bringing forward by how we participate in the now moment. Because you are able to make new choices now, you can change future outcomes for your benefit and highest good.

A Tarot Reading is very helpful when you have decisions to make like a new job or looking for a new home in a different city, state, or country for example. It’s really comforting to get a look at what those possible energies might look like in order to help you decide.

Another type of reading is a general reading which tells you about what surrounds you now and how it will look going forward 3-6 months or more.

I was lucky enough to be taught how to read Tarot by Kim Ehn Jones, an amazingly accurate Psychic, Master Teacher and Hypnotherapist in San Diego.

Kim Ehn Jones taught our Tarot Class that there are no negative cards in Tarot. She showed us that the major arcana, which are considered cards of karmic and/or major events, are simply opportunities that we can work with. She said she always likes to see a lot of major arcana in a reading because it means the client has a lot of energy that they can work with to make changes for the better in their life. For example, if you get the Tower card it can mean that you are ready to release old ideas, habits, things, etc. and in the conscious releasing you have the power to be productive. Acceptance (not resistance) on the journey is our best friend and that includes the power to make lemonade out of lemons.

Tarot is a journey we all make and it begins by coming into this life as The Fool-0, which despite the name, simply means innocence, naivete, and lack of experience, etc. We all travel the journey of life as reflected in the Major Arcana cards 0-21, with the journey of that cycle ending with The World-21 when a new cycle will begin again with The Fool-0. There are 56 Minor Arcana which give us the day-to-day details of things going on in our lives. In total, there are 78 Tarot Cards.

Kim teaches Tarot in a very positive way and it helped raise my awareness to see Tarot from a fresh perspective. Kim says we all have cards in the tarot deck that we are uncomfortable with, for me it was the Tower card. Kim taught us that the Tower creates some disruption or rocky time to bring about new ways of thinking to release old belief systems and it makes way for a new beginning or new opportunity for instance.

Kim explained that the Tarot is an ancient system and the cards were designed in the 15th Century which is why some of the images depicted need updating to better reflect the current world.

Finally, some might ask who is answering the questions in a Tarot Reading and the answer is your own guides and angels are providing the answers through the cards, along with the readers intuitive impressions and their guides and angels. Before I begin each session, I surround my client and I with white light of Divine Source and call upon the angels and guides to assist in answering the questions. For me, this sets the stage to begin a reading.

I am very grateful to have learned Tarot Reading from Kim Ehn Jones and I hope to take more online classes from her soon.

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