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FREE Reiki Distance Healing 15 min.

FREE Reiki Distance Healing 15 minutes by Zoom meeting

  • 15 minutes
  • Online meeting by Zoom or by phone.

Service Description

REIKI IS SPIRITUALLY GUIDED LIFE FORCE ENERGY Rei = God’s Wisdom or the Higher Power Ki = Life Force Energy Before a session, you can set your intention for what you wish to receive help with from the Reiki energy, for example: • Opening my Heart • Clearing old ideas or thought forms • Clearing my Third Eye, the 6th Chakra • Opening to Receive all blessing from the Universe • Any spiritual goal, such as a closer connection to my angels and guides It’s powerful to let the higher energies know you are ready for, ____, and that way you come away from the session with what you’ve asked for and more. Valerie Klingenbeck Reiki Master If you'd like to donate you'll find the PayPal Donate button is on the Home page near the bottom. Thank you.

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