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Your Divine Plan Blueprint will tell you about your gifts, abilities and Divine work for the world and humanity.

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Divine Blueprint Painting: Video


A Commissioned Painting

of Your Divine Plan and Reading of  

The Energy and Gifts You Came in With

Your Divine Blueprint holds the soul's energies you've decided to bring into this lifetime.  This manifests as your Divine Plan.  I channel this energy from your birth name as I'm shown a vision of those magnificent soul energies before you come in.

Your soul energies are unique and truly one of a kind.  As you view your Divine Blueprint know that everything in the painting is you, e.g., planets, streaks of energy, stars, trees, blades of grass, colors, etc., and how you'll reach out with your energy and gifts. to shift the world. 

Also, know that there are many layers of you and that behind the painting are many gateways from the higher dimensions of light.   Your Divine Blueprint radiates outward and can assist you in opening to all the gift you came in with.

The ancient symbols and sacred geometry shown to me as I paint your Divine Blueprint represent your oneness with All That Is, and the gifts that you have chosen to bring into the planet now.

Accompanying your Divine Blueprint is the Matrix Soul Reading which is a written Reading of your gifts and abilities as demonstrated within your Divine Blueprint Painting.

Still curious?  Click the link below and you'll be taken to an actual Divine Blueprint Painting and its accompanying Matrix Soul Reading.

Divine Blueprint Painting: Product
Divine Blueprint Painting: Product Gallery

Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: MSRILSM8D59AGNHN

Divine Blueprint Painting: Text